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Logo & Policies

Acknowledging EUR-OCEANS

All activities sponsored by EUR-OCEANS and all works resulting from such activities should acknowledge EUR-OCEANS. The following forms are suggested: This work/workshop was supported by the EUR-OCEANS Consortium or Research conducted in the scope of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium.

Informing the Project Office (PO) and Member Organisations (MOs) of 'EUR-OCEANS publications'

The Consortium agreement states that: Throughout the term of the Consortium and for a subsequent period of two (2) years, all MOs undertake to notify the PO of any research to be published in the scope of the Consortium and to distribute it to the other MOs teams prior to publication.

Implementation of EOC 'Open Access' policy

Through an electronic vote of its Council, the EUR-OCEANS Consortium has adopted an Open Access policy in October 2010, notably aiming at favouring the free access of stakeholders and the public to publications and/or data resulting from EUR-OCEANS activities.

1. General statement in favour of Open Access

[Adopted on 30 Sept. 2010]   The EUR-OCEANS Consortium promotes the principle of Open Access, and encourages its application in the marine scientific community. It notably encourages the deposition of scientific publications and data resulting from EUR-OCEANS-funded projects in Open Archives. Several members of EOC have signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities ( and/or operate Open Archives for their publications and/or data.

2. Mandatory rules concerning publications resulting for EUR-OCEANS-funded activities or programmes

Beneficiaries of EUR-OCEANS Consortium (EOC) funds shall make use of the Open Access permissions granted by their specific publishers (as reflected e.g. on, and thus commit to:

  • deposit research publications resulting from work funded in part or in whole by the EOC, in the form of postprints (final author’s version of the peer-reviewed, accepted and corrected manuscript), in either their own institutional open repositories, in the FP7-funded OpenAIRE repository, or any other appropriate open repository, no later than 6 months after publication
  • communicate to the EOC Project Office the links to their Open Access research publications.

Additional information is provided under the 'Tools' menu and the 'Guide to EO Open Access policy' sub-entry.

EUR-OCEANS logos and graphic elements

The EUR-OCEANS website banner and the EUR-OCEANS logo (available in several formats/resolutions) can be downloaded through the links below.

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