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Factsheet EUR-OCEANS: A European response to climate change and its impact on the oceans Anonymous 01/01/2006 08/01/2010
Factsheet Ecosystem approach to marine resources: moving from 'fisheries oceanography' towards 'ecosystem oceanography' Anonymous 01/05/2006 08/01/2010
Factsheet How can science contribute to an ecosystem approach to the South African hake fishery? Anonymous 01/05/2006 13/01/2010
Factsheet How can science contribute to an ecosystem approach to the South African West coast lobster fishery? Anonymous 01/07/2006 12/01/2010
Factsheet How can science contribute to an ecosystem approach to the South African small pelagic fisheries? Anonymous 01/07/2006 12/01/2010
Factsheet Monitoring changes in North Atlantic plankton communities Anonymous 01/08/2006 12/01/2010
Research highlight End-to-end Ecosystem Model Demonstration igrigorov 10/01/2007 30/03/2010
Research highlight Role of Iron in Oceans and Climate Change igrigorov 02/02/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Cod: Overfishing or Climate Change igrigorov 22/02/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight NEMURO – end-2-end ecosystem model prototype igrigorov 26/02/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Sea ice into krill models identifies extra source regions igrigorov 26/02/2007 18/02/2010
Factsheet Green Ocean Modelling:a tool to understand the interactions between marine ecosystems and climate Anonymous 01/03/2007 12/01/2010
Research highlight Climate increases competition for North Sea copepods igrigorov 06/03/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Classifying Marine Ecosystems igrigorov 14/03/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight A review of large-scale links in the Scotia Sea krill centred food web igrigorov 12/04/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Perspectives: Rapid Domestication of Marine Species igrigorov 20/04/2007 18/02/2010
Factsheet Ocean Acidification: the other half of the CO2 problem Anonymous 01/05/2007 12/01/2010
Research highlight ‘Iron Fertilization’ kicks up dust igrigorov 07/05/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Ocean Acidification is insensitive to Climate Change igrigorov 21/05/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Southern Ocean CO2 Sink Weakens igrigorov 22/05/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Measuring pelagic/benthic predation rates igrigorov 07/06/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Salinity control on anchovy egg density igrigorov 05/07/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Pelagic tunicate grazing rates igrigorov 31/08/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight Higher CO2 emissions, lower ocean storage igrigorov 24/10/2007 30/03/2010
Research highlight Calanus populations spawn during Norwegian Sea spring bloom igrigorov 27/10/2007 18/02/2010
Factsheet Deep Ocean Observatories: taking the pulse of the ocean Anonymous 01/11/2007 12/01/2010
Factsheet Model Shopping Tool: Strolling through the equations of Ocean Ecosystem Models Anonymous 01/11/2007 12/01/2010
Research highlight “North Atlantic remains within the envelope of recorded conditions” (article in press) igrigorov 03/12/2007 18/02/2010
Research highlight EuroSITES to integrate deep ocean observatories igrigorov 08/12/2007 30/03/2010
Research highlight Calanus feeding and reproduction in the Irminger (article in press) igrigorov 17/12/2007 30/03/2010
Research highlight A Stance on Ocean Iron Fertilization igrigorov 11/01/2008 25/03/2010
Research highlight Global Atlas of Human Footprint on the Ocean igrigorov 14/02/2008 18/02/2010
Research highlight Is global warming a threat to the survivability of the King Penguin? matthews 19/02/2008 18/02/2010
Research highlight “UNE MER SANS POISSONS” (A Sea Without Fish)...a future or present reality? matthews 25/03/2008 18/02/2010
Research highlight Blooms Like It Hot igrigorov 04/04/2008 18/02/2010
Research highlight Effect of Ocean Acidification ‘turned on its head’ – Science 17 Apr 08 igrigorov 20/04/2008 18/02/2010
Research highlight Anthropogenic impact on Ocean Nitrogen igrigorov 15/05/2008 18/02/2010
Research highlight Coastal Ocean More Acidic Than Anticipated igrigorov 23/05/2008 30/03/2010
Research highlight Not Enough Marine Input into IPCC reports igrigorov 06/06/2008 30/03/2010
Factsheet Adaptive management in pelagic fisheries Anonymous 01/07/2008 12/01/2010
Factsheet The threat of fishing overcapcity to the sustainability of small pelagic fisheries Anonymous 01/08/2008 12/01/2010
Research highlight Are jellyfish increasing in response to ocean acidification? igrigorov 16/09/2008 30/03/2010
Factsheet Monitoring keystone components of sub-Artic food webs - ecosystem dynamics of the White Sea Anonymous 01/10/2008 12/01/2010
Research highlight Organic Carbon in the Ocean's Twilight Zone lhuillery 07/10/2008 18/02/2010
Factsheet Southern Ocean Data Rescue: Extending time-series into the past Anonymous 01/11/2008 12/01/2010
Factsheet EUR-OCEANS: from a Network of Excellence to a Consortium Anonymous 01/11/2008 12/01/2010
Factsheet Evaluating the Baltic Sea food web responses to environmental change Anonymous 01/11/2008 12/01/2010
Factsheet indiSeas - a working Group and a website to help assess the exploitation of the world's marine ecosystems Anonymous 01/11/2008 12/01/2010
Research highlight More organic carbon gives less organic carbon igrigorov 06/11/2008 18/02/2010
Call/Funding opportunity EO Call for Flagships - December 2008 baisnee 10/12/2008 02/03/2010
Call/Funding opportunity EO Call for Conferences - December 2008 baisnee 10/12/2008 02/03/2010
Research highlight Modelling Zooplankton Fitness igrigorov 20/01/2009 18/02/2010
Research highlight Nitrate uptake inhibition by ammonium in phytoplankton igrigorov 30/01/2009 18/02/2010
Research highlight "Upper North Atlantic mixed layer already 0.5 C colder and fresher than in any winter since the inception of Argo" igrigorov 27/03/2009 18/02/2010
Activity Joint EUR-OCEANS & MEECE WS: OSMOSE model : parameterization, calibration, coupling admin 01/05/2009 02/03/2010
Activity Joint ICES & EUR-OCEANS Session F (Tuesday, 22 September) during ICES Annual Science Conference: How does fishing alter marine populations’ and ecosystems’ sensitivity to climate? admin 02/05/2009 02/03/2010
Research highlight Mass carbon dumps by gelatinous organisms igrigorov 18/05/2009 30/03/2010
Document EUR-OCEANS Scientific Perspective (2009-2010) admin 10/06/2009 07/02/2011
Call/Funding opportunity EO Call for Flagships on predetermined topics - June 2009 baisnee 14/06/2009 02/03/2010
Call/Funding opportunity EO Call for Foresight Workshops on 'polar systems' - June 2009 baisnee 15/06/2009 02/03/2010
Call/Funding opportunity EO Call for Foresight Workshops on open topics - June 2009 baisnee 15/06/2009 02/03/2010
Research highlight GLOBEC Book - Climate Change and Small Pelagic Fish igrigorov 22/06/2009 18/02/2010
Activity Summer school of the HMAP program (History of Marine Animal Populations) admin 26/06/2009 02/03/2010
Activity Climate impacts on the Baltic Sea - from science to policy - Advanced summer course (NMA / EUR-OCEANS / DTU-Aqua) admin 26/06/2009 02/03/2010
Research highlight Acid test for pelagic species development igrigorov 29/06/2009 30/03/2010
Research highlight North Atlantic needs an ‘end-to-end’ research strategy igrigorov 30/06/2009 18/02/2010
Activity Economic versus ecological networks: integrating economy and ecology in scenario building for marine ecosystems – An advanced course in economic and ecological modelling drawing on the theory of network economics admin 12/07/2009 20/09/2013
Activity Open Access Publishing information day - Practical advice on using OA to make early career scientists' research more visible and open admin 02/09/2009 01/03/2010
Activity CLIOTOP into the future - Building scenarios for oceanic ecosystems in the XXI Century baisnee 17/09/2009 16/09/2013
Activity Integration of Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems: Comparison across Regional Programs - IMBIZO II admin 19/09/2009 16/09/2013
Research highlight Decline in Arctic Sea Ice thickness from 1958–2008 igrigorov 12/10/2009 03/01/2012
Activity EUR-OCEANS - Europole Mer conference - The next big climate challenge: Influence of meso- and submesoscale ocean dynamics on the global carbon cycle and marine ecosytems admin 28/10/2009 22/10/2013
Activity 'Submesoscale Flagship': Impact of submesoscale on particulate export (WP within wider project : Toward AN eddying Global Green Ocean - From TWISTED to TANGGO) admin 10/11/2009 18/10/2010
Activity 'Scenarios Flagship': Developing seasonal and spatial foodweb models through novel statistical modelling – tools for constructing scenarios under future global change (EcoScenarios) admin 10/11/2009 29/11/2010
Activity EUR-OCEANS Conference on Indicators for an ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) - 'Comparing the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world' baisnee 01/01/2010 04/11/2011
Activity Global Change in Polar Systems baisnee 01/02/2010 08/10/2013
Activity Comparative analysis of European marine ecosystem reorganizations – a largescale approach to develop the basis for an ecosystem-based management of marine resources admin 01/02/2010 10/11/2010
Job or training opportunity Post-doctoral position in modelling the impact of mesoscale and submesoscale physical phenomenon on abyssal sedimenting flux variability - EUR-OCEANS Flagship - UPMC, NOCS baisnee 01/02/2010 03/09/2010
Activity Understanding and quantifying mortality in pelagic, early-life stages of marine organisms gandrillon 03/02/2010 02/03/2010
Job or training opportunity Post-doctoral position in developing marine IBAs in South Africa - PFI gandrillon 04/02/2010 02/03/2010
Job or training opportunity Project Manager – Marine Remote Sensing - PML gandrillon 04/02/2010 02/03/2010
Job or training opportunity Computer Scientist in Data Integration and Visualisation - PML gandrillon 04/02/2010 02/03/2010
Activity Training Workshop Best practices in ocean acidification research gandrillon 04/02/2010 24/02/2010
Job or training opportunity Graduate and Post-doctoral Fellowships at Dalhousie University gandrillon 04/02/2010 04/02/2010
Misc. news IPCC seeking for experts to contribute to AR5 cury 09/02/2010 09/02/2010
Job or training opportunity Tenure Track Faculty Position in Physical oceanography - ISMER 10-01 gandrillon 10/02/2010 17/02/2010
Activity Summer school - ClimECO2: Oceans, Marine Ecosystems, and Society facing Climate Change - A multidisciplinary approach gandrillon 17/02/2010 21/04/2010
Document EOC founding agreement admin 17/02/2010 17/02/2010
Document EOC flyer admin 18/02/2010 18/02/2010
Activity Research cruise April 2010 - Baltic - 2 berth spaces for EO students / scientists baisnee 23/02/2010 07/04/2010
Call/Funding opportunity EO Call for Foresight Workshops - February 2010 baisnee 25/02/2010 16/07/2010
Job or training opportunity Three quantitative ecologists or ecosystem modelers - NOAA-Fisheries gandrillon 25/02/2010 02/03/2010
Job or training opportunity Post Doc: Ecopath with Ecosim end-to-end igrigorov 26/02/2010 26/02/2010
Job or training opportunity W3-Professorship in Biological Oceanography - IFM-GEOMAR gandrillon 01/03/2010 02/03/2010
Job or training opportunity Computer Scientist in Spatial Analysis and Data Integration - IRD gandrillon 01/03/2010 02/03/2010
Job or training opportunity Project Officer - SOLAS gandrillon 02/03/2010 02/03/2010
Call/Funding opportunity EO Call - support to Advanced Courses projects - March 2010 baisnee 02/03/2010 08/07/2010
Activity Advanced school: Complexity, adaptation and emergence in marine ecosystems admin 02/03/2010 08/12/2010
Job or training opportunity Quantitative Ecologist/Fisheries Scientist - UCSB igrigorov 03/03/2010 04/03/2010
Job or training opportunity Post Doc on Krill grazing impact on Fe biogeochemistry - NOCS igrigorov 04/03/2010 04/03/2010

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