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EUR-OCEANS Consortium current members and former NoE members are invited to sign the EuroMarine+ MoU

Administrative, financial, legal document

Today (22 March 2013), the EuroMarine Coordinator has formally invited former NoE Member Organizations to sign the "EuroMarine Memorandum of Understanding on establishing the EuroMarine+ legal structure".

The EUR-OCEANS Council also invites (as per a decision taken during its 7-8 Feb. 2013 meeting) all current or former EUR-OCEANS members to consider signing this MoU without delay.

By becoming a Partner of this MoU, organizations can participate in the discussion and finalization of the (yet-to-be produced) Consortium Agreement for EuroMarine+. It is this document which will ultimately determine EuroMarine+ purpose, governance, fee mechanims and levels... Partners of the MoU should also be invited to choose the location of EuroMarine+ headquarters and EuroMarine+ coordinator. The MoU is a non-biding document (signing the MoU does necessarily imply signing the future Consortium Agreement; it only implies "the clear intention to sustain EuroMarine+ by entering into negotiations for full membership of EuroMarine+").

The 17 Partners of the EuroMarine project (UGOT, CCMAR, CIIMAR, CNRS, DTU-AQUA, IFREMER, IRD, NIOZ, MBA, MPG-MPIMM, SZN, RUG, UGent, VLIZ, UniHB, EMPA, KNAW) must sign their own signature page (pp. 5-21).

Former NoE members that are not Partners of the EuroMarine project must sign the Accession document (p. 30).

Signed pages must be returned to the EuroMarine Coordinator (see address below).

As a reminder: EOC operates in 2013 under the assumption that EuroMarine+ will be successfully launched and take over EOC activities in 2014. However EOC will not be formally terminated until EuroMarine+ is actually launched.

Original invitation to sign MoU by EuroMarine Project Coordinator

Dear Friends and Euromarine colleagues,

Following a good deal of hard work by the WP2 team on Euromarine we are pleased to send you the absolutely FINAL version of the MoU.

This is sent to the 17 partners of Euromarine PLUS all those partners of the former NoEs (and/or their successors).

Please note that you should arrange for this to be signed and returned to UGOT who is coordinating Euromarine (see below). It is very important that you ensure the appropriate legal authority in your institution signs this. This might differ according to your Institution rules and if you have any queries about who should sign then please get back to us.

Also, for your diary, there is a plan to hold some kind of Euromarine session coincident with the EOC meeting scheduled for November in Gran Canaria. Philippe Cury and EOC colleagues will inform more on that later.

Should you have any questions then please ask!

On a personal note I should like to say that I am pleased to be able to send this out in honour of our dear colleague Carlo Heip who contributed so much to the development of the Euromarine project…thanks Carlo!

Mike and the EM coordinating team (and apologies for any double postings)

Professor Michael Thorndyke
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Distinguished Chair of Experimental Marine Biology
Head of International Development
Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences
University of Gothenburg
Fiskebäckskil 451 78
Tel: ++46 (0)31 786 9520
Cell: ++46 (0)70 242 3119
Email: mike.thorndyke [at]

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