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Main decisions made during EOC 2013 Council meeting

EUR-OCEANS 2013 Council meeting was held at DTU-Aqua in Charlottenlund (Denmark) on 7-8 February.

The Council decided that the EUR-OCEANS Consortium (which was renewed last year for a new term with a theoretical duration of four years), would operate in 2013 under the assumption that all activities would be closed at the end of the year. However the decision to terminate the Consortium was not made, but postponed to a later date when the launch of EuroMarine+ (which should merge the scientific communities corresponding to the former NoEs EUR-OCEANS, Marine Genomics Europe and MarBEF and their follow-up structures) would appear as secured.

The Council decided to fund a EUR-OCEANS hot topics conference (a changing ocean) with a  back-to-back workshop on data integration, to fund the production of a brochure on EOC 2009-13 activities and achievements, and to cofund a SOLAS summer school. Decisions on the funding of other activities will be made after proposals of the Executive Committee and using a fast-track decision procedure (given the 31 Dec. 2013 deadline to close activities). 

The Council invites all EOC members of EO NoE former members to consider promptly signing the EuroMarine Memorandum of Understanding for the launch of EuroMarine+ . This is a non binding document which can be signed by EuroMarine partners and by former NoE members. Partners of the MoU will be involved in the elaboration or finalization of the Consortium Agreement (CA) that will ultimately determine the purpose, governance and mode of operation of EuroMarine+. Additionally, it currently appears that MoU partners will be consulted on the choice of EuroMarine+ headquarters and scientific coordinator (possibly before the CA is signed). The MoU version to be signed should be circulated imminently. EUR-OCEANS members can contact po [at] for additional information or in case of doubt.



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