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Update on the launch of EuroMarine+

The present page will no longer be updated. For the latest key information and documents related to the launch of EuroMarine+, please refer from now on to the EuroMarine+ page on the EuroMarine project website.

The EuroMarine FP7 Coordination Action project (in its extension period until 31 July 2013) plans to launch EuroMarine+ early 2014. U. Göteborg & Mike Thorndyke (EuroMarine project Coordinator) will lead operations during the transitional period between the end of the project and the actual launch of EuroMarine+.

EuroMarine+ will be a new consortium, backed up by a legal, not-for-profit entity for daily management, which is intented to replace three former Networks of Excellence (EUR-OCEANS, MarBEF and Marine Genomics Europe), as well as their current follow-up structures (the EUR-OCEANS Consortium and the MarBEF+ association).

1. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of EuroMarine+ (signature under way)

The MoU can be signed since 22 March 2013 (without any financial commitment or obligation to later join the Consortium) by any former NoE partner (or any other interested marine science organizations). If signed in time, it will let organizations (a) enter the discussion of the Consortium Agreement (CA) that will rule EuroMarine+ and (b) vote to choose EuroMarine+ headquarters and coordinator.

At the time the draft CA was circulated for comments (17 July 2013), 68 organizations had signed the MoU (see attached list).

2. Business plan for EuroMarine+ (distributed 29 May 2013)

It will serve as a basis to establish the EuroMarine+ Consortium legal framework and guide operation of the Consortium.

3. EuroMarine+ legal framework

It has been prepared by EuroMarine Work Package 2 (WP2). It comprises a Consortium Agreement, and statutes of the legal entity that will obey the Consortium for the daily management and operation of EuroMarine+.

A draft version of the CA has been circulated for comments on 17 July to all signatories of the MoU. It has been decided within the EuroMarine project (ending 31 July 2013) that the finalization of the CA and the choice and establishment of the legal entity will be the responsibility of the future Coordinator of EuroMarine+.

4. Timeline for the launch EuroMarine+

The timeline below will be updated to reflect the latest information / decisions by U. Göteborg and the transitional coordination team.

  • 17 July 2013: MoU signatories invited to comment draft CA and express possible interest in hosting  / coordinating EuroMarine+
  • 13 September 2013: deadline to express interest (to mike.thorndyke [at] and marie.moestrup.jensen [at] in hosting  / coordinating EuroMarine+ (organizations that express interest will receive a form and instructions to apply)
  • 30 September 2013: deadline to return comments on the draft CA
  • 19 October (to be confirmed): deadline to return hosting / coordination applications
  • 6-8 November 2013: update on the lauch of EuroMarine+ (and if possible a signature ceremony) duting the EOC hot topics conference
  • Yet undermined dates: choice of EuroMarine+ Coordinator; finalization and signature of EuroMarine+ CA; establishment of legal entity; launch of EuroMarine+.


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