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Research highlights

Post datesort icon Title Author
10/01/2007 End-to-end Ecosystem Model Demonstration igrigorov
02/02/2007 Role of Iron in Oceans and Climate Change igrigorov
22/02/2007 Cod: Overfishing or Climate Change igrigorov
26/02/2007 NEMURO – end-2-end ecosystem model prototype igrigorov
26/02/2007 Sea ice into krill models identifies extra source regions igrigorov
06/03/2007 Climate increases competition for North Sea copepods igrigorov
14/03/2007 Classifying Marine Ecosystems igrigorov
12/04/2007 A review of large-scale links in the Scotia Sea krill centred food web igrigorov
20/04/2007 Perspectives: Rapid Domestication of Marine Species igrigorov
07/05/2007 ‘Iron Fertilization’ kicks up dust igrigorov
21/05/2007 Ocean Acidification is insensitive to Climate Change igrigorov
22/05/2007 Southern Ocean CO2 Sink Weakens igrigorov
07/06/2007 Measuring pelagic/benthic predation rates igrigorov
05/07/2007 Salinity control on anchovy egg density igrigorov
31/08/2007 Pelagic tunicate grazing rates igrigorov
24/10/2007 Higher CO2 emissions, lower ocean storage igrigorov
27/10/2007 Calanus populations spawn during Norwegian Sea spring bloom igrigorov
03/12/2007 “North Atlantic remains within the envelope of recorded conditions” (article in press) igrigorov
08/12/2007 EuroSITES to integrate deep ocean observatories igrigorov
17/12/2007 Calanus feeding and reproduction in the Irminger (article in press) igrigorov
11/01/2008 A Stance on Ocean Iron Fertilization igrigorov
14/02/2008 Global Atlas of Human Footprint on the Ocean igrigorov
19/02/2008 Is global warming a threat to the survivability of the King Penguin? matthews
25/03/2008 “UNE MER SANS POISSONS” (A Sea Without Fish)...a future or present reality? matthews
04/04/2008 Blooms Like It Hot igrigorov
20/04/2008 Effect of Ocean Acidification ‘turned on its head’ – Science 17 Apr 08 igrigorov
15/05/2008 Anthropogenic impact on Ocean Nitrogen igrigorov
23/05/2008 Coastal Ocean More Acidic Than Anticipated igrigorov
06/06/2008 Not Enough Marine Input into IPCC reports igrigorov
16/09/2008 Are jellyfish increasing in response to ocean acidification? igrigorov
07/10/2008 Organic Carbon in the Ocean's Twilight Zone lhuillery
06/11/2008 More organic carbon gives less organic carbon igrigorov
20/01/2009 Modelling Zooplankton Fitness igrigorov
30/01/2009 Nitrate uptake inhibition by ammonium in phytoplankton igrigorov
27/03/2009 "Upper North Atlantic mixed layer already 0.5 C colder and fresher than in any winter since the inception of Argo" igrigorov
18/05/2009 Mass carbon dumps by gelatinous organisms igrigorov
22/06/2009 GLOBEC Book - Climate Change and Small Pelagic Fish igrigorov
29/06/2009 Acid test for pelagic species development igrigorov
30/06/2009 North Atlantic needs an ‘end-to-end’ research strategy igrigorov
12/10/2009 Decline in Arctic Sea Ice thickness from 1958–2008 igrigorov

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