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Internal EUR-OCEANS activities

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'Deoxygenation Flagship': Ocean deoxygenation in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems

Description of Topic and Objectives

[Extract from proposal]

The issue of deoxygenation in the world ocean and its implications for ocean productivity, nutrient cycling,...

01/09/2011 31/08/2013 5 years ago
Effect of fishing-induced alterations in population structure and life history traits on the response of worldwide fisheries to climate

Leading scientists and organizations

  • Tristan ROUYER
  • Manuel HIDALGO
    Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biology, University of Oslo....
12/09/2011 14/09/2011 5 years ago
Food security for land-breeding, marine top predators: towards an ecosystem approach for managing forage resources

Overview (adapted from the proposal)


Some long-term studies of marine predators, mainly seabirds and seals, have revealed relationships between prey density or...

09/03/2011 12/03/2011 5 years ago
Spatial management of pelagic ecosystems with marine protected areas: Visions for the future

This foresight WS was selected for funding after the Feb. 2011 EUR-OCEANS calls for projects. It is co-funded by and be organized within the...

26/03/2012 30/03/2012 5 years ago
EOC 2012 Council meeting


The EUR-OCEANS 2012 Council meeting will be held over 1.5 day on 07-08 Feb. 2012 in Sète, France (as planned during the 2011...

07/02/2012 08/02/2012 5 years ago
EOC FWS on evolutionary potential in marine populations - 17-21 Sept., Sylt, Germany

Overview - Climate change and evolution

Our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, and there is ample evidence that these changes have ecological consequences. The key question now...

17/09/2012 21/09/2012 5 years ago
IMBIZO III - The future of marine biogeochemistry, ecosystems and societies. Multi-dimensional approaches to the challenges of global change in continental margins and open ocean systems

IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research) will hold the third in its IMBIZO* series in Goa, India from 28-31 January 2013.
(*IMBIZO is a Zulu word meaning a meeting or...

28/01/2013 31/01/2013 5 years ago
EOC FWS - Trait-based approaches to Ocean Life

The trait-based approach to life is emerging as a novel framework to tackle the complexity of marine ecosystems. Rather than considering species per se, individual organisms are...

26/08/2013 28/08/2013 5 years ago
EOC FWS - Evaluating the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world (indiSeas 2012)


EUR-OCEANS (both the NoE and the follow-up Consortium) has supported (funded or...

03/12/2012 07/12/2012 4 years ago
EOC FWS - A satellite and in-situ field experiment in a turbulent ocean: Diagnosis of vertical exchanges associated with submesoscales. Impacts on air-sea exchanges and ecosystems

This FWS description is adapted from the proposal.


This workshop is embedded within Axis 1 “The ocean engine at...

28/11/2012 29/11/2012 4 years ago

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