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Economic versus ecological networks: integrating economy and ecology in scenario building for marine ecosystems – An advanced course in economic and ecological modelling drawing on the theory of network economics This is one of three advanced courses funded / co-organised by EUR-OCEANS in 2009. The main goal of this course is to present how the formalism of Network Economics can be applied concretely to... 24/11/2009 26/11/2009 4 years ago
EOC 2010 Council meeting The 2010 EUR-OCEANS Council meeting was held in Paris, France, 21 Jan. 2010. To download the materials and meeting records listed below, you need to log in using your former EUR-OCEANS... 21/01/2010 21/01/2010 6 years ago
CLIOTOP into the future - Building scenarios for oceanic ecosystems in the XXI Century Overview CLIOTOP ( is a 10-year scientific Programme which has been operating since 2005 as a GLOBEC Core Programme and which will... 08/02/2010 11/02/2010 4 years ago
Training Workshop Best practices in ocean acidification research A training workshop in ocean acidification research will be jointly organized by EPOCA, BIOACID, CalMarO and OCB.  The workshop, which will be held at IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel during March 8-12, 2010... 08/03/2010 12/03/2010 7 years ago
Understanding and quantifying mortality in pelagic, early-life stages of marine organisms Co-chairs: Alejandro Gallego (UK), Elizabeth North (USA), Edward Houde (USA) This workshop focuses on understanding and quantifying mortality in the early life of pelagic organisms, a subject that is... 22/03/2010 24/03/2010 7 years ago
Research cruise April 2010 - Baltic - 2 berth spaces for EO students / scientists IO-PAS, a EUR-OCEANS Consortium Member, offers berth space for two EUR-OCEANS students/scientists willing to join a research cruise in the Southern Baltic Sea, 17-30 April 2010, and... 17/04/2010 30/04/2010 7 years ago
EUR-OCEANS - Europole Mer conference - The next big climate challenge: Influence of meso- and submesoscale ocean dynamics on the global carbon cycle and marine ecosytems This 'submesoscale' conference was funded as a 'EUR-OCEANS' Conference after the December 2008 call for EUR-OCEANS conference projects. It will bring together biological, ecological, chemical,... 31/05/2010 02/06/2010 4 years ago
Summer School - Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems: Functioning and Evolution HCMR is organising a summer school on “Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems: Functioning and Evolution” sponsored by the Latsis Foundation, in Greece. The summer school will be held in Athens, from 1 to... 01/07/2010 15/07/2010 7 years ago
EUROFLEETS Multidisciplinary Ship-based training for European postgraduate students Two practical multidisciplinary ship-based training courses, organised within the Eurofleets programme, will be held in Cork, Ireland in August 2010 onboard the Irish National research vessel R.V.... 14/08/2010 19/08/2010 7 years ago
Summer school - ClimECO2: Oceans, Marine Ecosystems, and Society facing Climate Change - A multidisciplinary approach An international Summer School co-organized by IUEM, IMBER and Europôle Mer. 23-27 August 2010, Brest, France Leader: Yves-Marie Paulet Contact:... 23/08/2010 27/08/2010 7 years ago

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