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Effect of fishing-induced alterations in population structure and life history traits on the response of worldwide fisheries to climate Leading scientists and organizations Tristan ROUYER Manuel HIDALGOCentre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biology, University of Oslo.P.O. Box 1066 Blindern - NO-0316... 12/09/2011 14/09/2011 5 years ago
EMBRC workshop on e-infrastructure - 28-29 March Heidelberg Posted on behalf of the organizers. This EMBRC WS will be of interest to EUR-OCEANS scientists dealing with data management and integration. The European Marine Biological... 28/03/2012 29/03/2012 5 years ago
EOC 2009 Council meeting  The first Council meeting of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium was held in Brussels on 21/01/2009. 22/01/2009 22/01/2009 6 years ago
EOC 2010 Council meeting The 2010 EUR-OCEANS Council meeting was held in Paris, France, 21 Jan. 2010. To download the materials and meeting records listed below, you need to log in using your former EUR-OCEANS... 21/01/2010 21/01/2010 6 years ago
EOC 2011 Council meeting EUR-OCEANS 2011 Council meeting will be held on 11-12 Jan. 2011 in Trondheim, Norway (as planned during the 2010 Council meeting). It will be hosted by NTNU, in the Suhmhuset... 11/01/2011 12/01/2011 6 years ago
EOC 2012 Council meeting Announcement The EUR-OCEANS 2012 Council meeting will be held over 1.5 day on 07-08 Feb. 2012 in Sète, France (as planned during the 2011 Council meeting). It will be hosted by IRD, at... 07/02/2012 08/02/2012 5 years ago
EOC 2013 Council meeting - 7-8 Feb. 2013, Copenhagen, DK Post-meeting information The meeting record, containing formal decisions made by the EOC Council on Day 2, has been be distributed to EOC Council representatives and main contacts at EOC... 07/02/2013 08/02/2013 4 years ago
EOC FWS - A satellite and in-situ field experiment in a turbulent ocean: Diagnosis of vertical exchanges associated with submesoscales. Impacts on air-sea exchanges and ecosystems This FWS description is adapted from the proposal. Context This workshop is embedded within Axis 1 “The ocean engine at very high resolution” of the recently labelled Centre of Excellence named... 28/11/2012 29/11/2012 4 years ago
EOC FWS - Building scenarios for global oceanic ecosystems and associated fisheries This WS was selected for funding after the EOC 2012 call for proposal. Scenarios are needed both for predicting the future trajectories of ecosystems and biodiversity according to... 25/11/2013 29/11/2013 4 years ago
EOC FWS - Evaluating the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world (indiSeas 2012) Background EUR-OCEANS (both the NoE and the follow-up Consortium) has supported (funded or provided logistical support to) a series of workshops/conferences focusing on the development and... 03/12/2012 07/12/2012 4 years ago

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